I'm Jacob Medley, a ux/ui designer and digital strategist.

I believe there is always a better way and together we can find it!

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If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.

— George S. Patton —


I believe that there is always a better way and together we can find it. That design is as much about how something works as it is how it looks.

My mission is to design effective user interfaces and assure an exceptional user experience. In the end it must look great, work better and push the business forward.



new sales




lead gen

I am the lead UX/UI designer and WordPress theme developer for marketing initiatives focusing on our product partners, such as CIGNA, AETNA and WebMD. These initiatives drove 47% of new revenue growth, 27% of total leads, and 20% of total revenue.

I work with a team of dedicated professionals to make everything happen. Good ideas are worthless without the ability to accomplish them.

Go team go!

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Design is Everything, Everything!

— Paul Rand —

My Work

Make all the things better

Marketing Automation

The campaign was a re-marketing initiative directed at leads who did not purchase our product. It had to accommodate several touch points, multiple brands with dissimilar looks, various personalized data based on the audience receiving it, and incentives that changed by touch point. The campaign needed 36 emails with accompanying landing pages to be designed and programmed.

The Action

I interviewed the marketing team to learn the business and marketing goals. Then I consulted the database team to gather the actual data and used some css trickery to deal with the multiple brands. Leveraging what I learned from the data team, I pushed the marketing system as far as it could go. By programming the emails and landing pages to leverage the dynamic data, we customized the campaign to change according to customer data and message required.

The Result





The campaign went from 36 emails and landing pages to 3, a 92% reduction.

Most important, the campaign has generated revenue for more than a year consistent with our marketing and business goals.

American Familiy Medical

American Family Medical

American Family Medical had several objectives for their website. The design needed to be refreshed and updated to a more modern look and made responsive to meet mobile demand. The client required a content management system and blog for quick updates and marketing. They also planned on offering other health care products based off of their core brand. After talking with the client in depth and reviewing their analytics, I discovered that they had a large percentage of IE7 users that needed to be accommodated for. Let’s look at each of these issues and how I came up with a workable solution that will allow for them to expand their product line and brand into the future.

The Action

I created a brand-customized WordPress theme for the company. Also, I handled the IE7 issues by detecting old versions of IE and sending users to a basic landing page with all the company’s basic information and an “upgrade your browser” message. An additional feature I added was digital access to applications for new patients.

The Result



Website usability is improved and several primary issues for multi-device delivery have been resolved.

The strategic use and development of a brand-customized WordPress theme allows American Family Medical to create and launch new sites quickly and without additional development cost. I also offset the company’s printing cost by providing the digital applications for new patients. On top of that, the updated site allows American Family Medical to comply with the new federal guidelines.

All these things save the company in future website costs, remove printing expenses, reduce conflict with meeting government compliances, and create a pleasant user experience for their patients. American Family Medical now ranks on page 1 on Google for their keyword target searches.

My Role:

  • Creative Direction
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Managment
  • Web Design
  • HTML / CSS
  • Wordpress Theme

Central Florida College

Central Florida Community College was transitioning to offering 4-year degree programs. They were changing their name and brand to Central Florida College. The Marketing Director was concerned about how the Marion County citizens would embrace the change, considering how long the college had been around. I thought, “That is the campaign right there!” The college had been part of the community for decades and would continue to be a center point of education for years to come.

The Action

We produced two commercials that ran in movie theaters. The first was a teaser commercial that alluded to something coming soon. The second commercial revealed the name change and ran after the launch of the new brand.

The Result

Commercial One: Teaser for Name Change

Commercial Two: New Name Revealed

This campaign has won 8 awards. It has been recognized against top competitors locally, regionally and internationally.

My Role:

  • Creative Direction
  • Project Managment
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Editing
  • Sound Design

Gallery of Work

Jake in Cave

What one does is what counts. Not what one had the intention of doing.

— Pablo Picasso —


At a Glance

  • Exceptional digital-design and strategic thinking
  • Focuses on user experience
  • Creates dynamic, data-driven design
  • Has a user-centric mindset
  • Makes excellent decisions and is a determined solution seeker
  • Maintains a good sense of humor and a relaxed demeanor
  • Works hard and is deadline driven
  • Believes there always a better way to achieve a goal
  • Meets challenges head-on and accepts constructive criticism with a positive attitude
  • Has won local, national and international awards as a designer


  • Aligning business acumen and marketing strategies within the scope of design and creative leadership
  • Designing and implementing effective marketing strategies
  • Incorporating interactive component in design plan
  • Managing projects, and art and creative direction
  • Managing clients, designers and developers
  • Instructing and training new personnel in company operations and technologies
  • Developing art department policies and protocols


  • Usability design
  • User interface design
  • Responsive website design
  • Responsive email design
  • Marketing focused landing page design
  • Email design
  • Digitl display ad design
  • Motion graphic design
  • Title animation design
  • Vector graphics, illustrations, and icon


  • HTML 5 and CSS3
  • jQuery and JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap, Skeleton, 960gs, {less} CSS and other code foundations and frameworks
  • The integration of complex systems
  • Front-end website development
  • Video editing
  • WordPress development
  • The use of Macintosh and PC computers


Sr. Manager UX/UI Designer

DentalPlans.com, Plantation, FL
2015 to Current

Sr. Digital Designer

Bluegreen Corp., Boca Raton, FL
2011 to 2015

Digital Media Director

Medley In Design, Ocala, FL
2008 to 2011

Art Director / Production Manager

PM Advertising, Ocala, FL
2007 to 2008

Sr. Digital Media Designer

PM Advertising, Ocala, FL
2003 to 2007

Digital Media Designer

Emerge Media, Orlando, FL
2002 to 2003

Graphic Designer

G&G Advertising, Orlando, FL
1999 to 2000

Graphic Designer

The Daily Sun, The Villages, FL
1998 to 1999

Graphic Designer

Visual Logic, Ocala, FL
1997 to 1998


UI Design
UX Design
Graphic Design
Print Design

Code & Frameworks

HTML 4/5


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Dreamweaver
Sublime Text 2/3
Visual Studio
Microsoft Office Suite

CMS & Cloud Applications

Adobe Scene 7
Aprimo Studio
Mail Chimp


Full Sail University — Winter Park, Florida

Digital Media Design, Graduated with Honors in 2002

Knowing how to do something is valuable, knowing what is worth doing is priceless.

— Jacob Medley —